Selling your clothes can be a full time job, especially when you don’t have the time and the resources. At You/Turn, we take care of everything from the moment we have your clothes to the moment they are supplied to their new owners.


Your comfort
  • We save you time.
  • We have an eye for detail and a wide knowledge of collections/designers. 
  • We come to you. You can stay at home.
  • We value and maintain your anonymity and privacy.


    Optimizing your sales
    • Your clothes have never looked so good. Experts in set design/photographers/stylists take care of your clothes. 
    • A live estimation of your clothes without commitment. Feel free to ask price estimates of your clothes, this is free and always interesting to know. 
    • Your clothes are carefully selected for optimal sale. Experts in the second-hand market are selecting and setting the price of your clothes. 
    • Large reach. Through online selling and our presence on many online second hand shops, our buyers are all over the world: Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East. Through frequent pop-ups in larger cities such as Paris, New York, London and Milano. 


    If interested contact us below with your information and a few words about your wardrobe. 


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